May The Fourth Be With You


Ok its no secret that I am a HUGE fan of Star Wars and actually rumored to be a Jedi (although I’ve been feeling a little Sith and on the Dark Side for quite some time).

And it is by no coincidence that this post find you today on May The Fourth….(International Star Wars Day). Some of you may even notice that this seems to be the first post on my site….also not a coincidence that I am relaunching my site due to some douchebaggery hacker jacking up my site to the point that I lost everything…(I want to know what happened to the plans those Rebels stole!)

Nonetheless, today is a new beginning. And it seems right that a New Hope for this blog be launched on this fine day. And new hopes for some cool things that will come to pass soon. I’d like to share a few of those cool things with you.

  • Relaunch of this blog
  • Relaunch of Podcasting Magazine
  • New Apps being developed
  • New Book coming soon
  • Find Something That Has Magic In It For You… will be my new home from which to write and blog about a variety of interests including app development, digital media, current events, business, marketing, technology and of course geeky nerd things like Star Wars, pop culture and other stuff.

Podcasting Magazine

As fate would have it, Podcasting Magazine was not immune to hackery as well. Well not the magazine app but the website And so, that is being overhauled as well with a new design and some cool new things planned for the magazine, like the overdue Android version of the app as well. So please look for that soon if you are a subscriber and Android user.

Naturally, I have some new issues coming out real soon. Some of them are way overdue and I owe some of my guests who were interviewed a great deal of apologies for my lateness.

New Apps Coming Soon

I am excited to announce that plans have come together nicely for the launch of several new apps in the coming months and I am super excited to see them come to fruition. I have three gaming apps I’m developing and they are measuring up to be a blast to play.

I also have another Magazine title coming soon that I will announce in the next month or so. Stay tuned for that….

New Book

I took a stab at writing a book about Mobile App Development two years ago and it fared pretty well for my first attempt. I published Mobile App Formula: How To Develop Mobile Apps Even If You Are Not A Programmer to Amazon and the experience was a blast. It helped a bunch of people who were interested to get started developing apps.

My second book is something that I am currently working on that is a bit more personal. My hope is to have that ready this summer.

Find Something That Has Magic In It For You

Of all the posts that I regret losing from when my site was hacked, I really miss the post about Finding Something That Has Magic In It For You.

I may have to re-write that post with my perspective post hacking…Nonetheless the sentiment remains.

As the title of this post presents, May The Fourth Be With You, is a play on words and the concept of The Force is synonymous with Star Wars. I find a lot of magic in that storyline. Like a lot of kids who were enamored with the first trilogy as well as the second trilogy, my anticipation for the next installment is like a Jedi who can sense things who uses The Force, which if you didn’t know,  is what gives the Jedi his power. It`s an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us. It penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together.


I find magic in that storyline. It connects a lot of people (binds the galaxy together).

Life is incredibly short and if we blink, we just may miss it. So many of us are caught up in the ‘Life Sucks’ mode and running on the hamster wheel. I get it. We have ‘responsibilities’. Sometimes those responsibilities are excuses for not going after what we want and what holds that magic.

I’ve made a ton of mistakes and owe apologies to a bunch of people. I’ll make amends no doubt, but I also have to apologize to myself for not pursuing the magic that I find. Some people say its fear of failure or the imposter syndrome. Someone who I greatly admire, John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire, often mentions the imposter syndrome and weapons of mass distraction as tow major culprits that prevent people from moving forward….and thus not pursuing or finding the magic.

Here is where that imposter syndrome and the weight of ADD, bright shiny object syndrome or weapons of mass destruction prevent me from finding, embracing and leveraging the magic. Until next time friends…

May The Fourth Be With You