App Development

A New Independence

  I’ve been quiet here on my blog for some time now. No excuse for that other than I’ve been busy shipping for clients. Thats a good thing and a bad thing as one might think. A New Independence of sorts happened, serendipitously, on July 4th…. Some things have been happening behind the scenes and…

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Taxbot Tips

  I have to say that one of my favorite apps, personally and as an entrepreneur, is and app called Taxbot. The app helps you track mileage via GPS and other expenses that might qualify for deductions if you are a business owner or independent contractor.Its almost set it and forget it. Well, almost. The…

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Ideas have no mass, they don’t coast

  “Roller coasters work because of momentum—the quantity of motion from the downhill allows the car to make it up the next rise. Without momentum, the car would merely stop. But few things in the world of ideas follow the same rules.  Ideas have no mass, they don’t coast.” Source: Seth’s Blog: The momentum myth This post…

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