10 Reasons To Use Blab.IM

10 Reasons To Use Blab.im

Blab.im is a live-streaming application that is making a splash among early adopters, social media marketers and a host of other content creators. A rudimentary description of the service might include a ‘mix between Google Hangouts, Skype, Live Chat’ only better and more awesome.

Available (at the time of this post) only on Chrome Browsers and via an iOS app (sorry Android users), users can participate in live-streaming video conversations and within a chat roll. The experience includes interactive features which include giving props (a gesture that users can tap on participants’ images in almost a way of providing visual feedback as a reward for providing good commentary or adding value. These props simulate a clapping hands and are represented by the prop provider’s image displaying within the users’ video box briefly like a speech bubble. For each ‘prop’ that is given, a bubble appears briefly. The speaker can rack up a series of props indicated by a counter. (Not really sure that means anything but it does seem to show some sort of engagement in the conversation by other users and a visual way of getting feedback)

After using the Blab for a few weeks now I have some initial thoughts and 10 Reasons To Use Blab.im

1. Content Creation

The number one reason why someone might consider using Blab is content creation. The ease of use compared to other platforms like Google Hangouts or Skype is very compelling. The ability for a user to create a Blab session and start live-streaming with other participants is profoundly simple.

The only legitimate needs of a potential user is to have a computer, web cam and an account (powered by Twitter). Thereafter, setting up a Blab session is almost as easy as clicking a button, describing your session and deciding when to hold the session (immediately or scheduled). Then….talk about your subject matter with whomever you wish. This, of course, can be predetermined or held randomly with whomever might stumble across your session (which can be quite a few people).

The creation is the fun part! Just talk and engage. Don’t forget to record the session because afterwards, Blab will send you both an audio and video recording of your session. I know, cool, right? The host can then repurpose that content on other platforms like a blog, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo or in a magazine app.

2. It is simple

Did I mention the simplicity of the platform? I keep going back and using the term ‘democratization’ to describe the platform. When it comes down to the tech for technophobes, this platform is about as simple as it can get. Click a few buttons and a user is off and using the service to connect, communicate and create compelling content. Whoa! That was a lot of ‘C’s’.

3. Discovery

Discovering new and compelling discussions is a blast with this platform. Its true you don’t have to join the conversations at all and one can simply listen in on the conversations. That being said, the discovery of great content and people from all over the word is a real plausibility. I think it is almost like a new treasure hunt for live-streaming content (or scheduled) that can be accessed practically on demand.

4. Connection

Another obvious benefit and plausibility is the ability to connect with others easily. Come across someone that is dropping value bombs with their insight? Simply click the ‘+’ symbol next to their name if they are participating in the live stream video or if someone is adding value in the chat roll, the ability to connect or follow that person is a click or two away from checking out their profile.

Just be cool about it and reasonable about who you are following and maintain a sense of etiquette about your interactions with those that you follow. Think value first!

5. Build Relationships

This kind of goes hand-in-hand with connections. As you connect with others and learn about those connections, add value to them meaningfully. Compliment and provide feedback. Ask good questions and genuinely be interested in others. By all means, avoid doucheblabbery at all costs.

I guess what I am saying here is just be human and have human conversations. Being sales and the contrarian all the time doesn’t foster lasting relationships.

6. Build Authority

I’m not suggesting anyone throw around their weight here. Building authority in the sense of trust is a real possibility of you provide consistency and value over time. Sharing your knowledge and real feedback in areas that you are truly knowledgable can provide a lot of credence in your authority bank.

Teaching and providing insight relative to subject matter that you know a lot about can yield lasting impressions and recommendations among other things. Leveraging Blab and participating in conversations as both a host and a guest adds to one’s reputation.

7. Exposure

This can be a good thing or a bad thing so consider this before jumping in. We’ll focus on the positive aspect of exposure for the purposes of this article.

By the very nature of a live-cast and leveraging video, a user – blabber, can get a lot of exposure for themselves as a thought leader, content creator and connector. Almost as part of the entire experience, people from all over are likely to connect, follow and become aware of participants.

Savvy users can leverage this to build sustainable audiences and awareness of their brands.

8. Traffic

Just as I mentioned exposure, the savvy user who participates and provides value with proper etiquette is likely to see an increase in their connection and followers. That said, if a user has their profile strategically set up and complete, the potential for an increase of traffic to an external web property, mobile app or email list is quite possible.

I’ve seen an extraordinary response in the short time I’ve been using the platform. An I can say without question that one of my strategies moving forward will include consistent and repeated participation on the platform because the yield is real!

9. Provide Value

This probably should have been the first reason and observation, but we’ll just assume that this should be the standard. Provide value seems simple and reasonable. Yet with almost everything, there is most certainly the reality that doucheblabbery, trolls, bullies will likely present their ugliness at some point.

So, just add value! As Frank Kern says, ‘stack the cool’, and just add value to the conversation.

10. Learn

There is a saying, “If you are the smartest one in the room, you are in the wrong room!”

I think the platform, even in it’s infancy, has the potential to be a viable source of information and the ability to learn from others is powerful. The potential and opportunity to learn to be a better public speaker is unprecedented. All from the comfort of being in front of your computer….perhaps at home.

There is no shortage of finding someone on Blab who has a ton of information and knowledge to share or discuss. Its just a matter of finding the time to set aside and experience Blab.

In conclusion, keep an eye on Blab. There is no question that users should consider jumping in and using it for the reasons I started above. I’d love to hear if you are using it or considering using Blab. If you have other reasons why someone should consider using Blab, comment below or connect with me on Blab for a future session!