Do It Yourself


There is something to be said for persistence and the video above (which I’d recommend watching in its entirety) is packed with gold nuggets and examples of why persistence can make all the difference in the world when it comes to results.

Besides the entertainment value of his TEDxVancouver, Nardwuar delivers an invaluable set of lessons that almost anyone can benefit from hearing. Do it yourself!

Do It Yourself!

If you are reading this (thank you btw), maybe you needed to hear this message. Maybe you’ve been holding back for one reason or another. Maybe you suffer from the Imposter Syndrome or believe you need permission or something.

Nonsense Poopy Pants!

Go out and get it! Get your interview! Write that blog post. Start your blog or podcast. Launch your product. Start. Just start. You’ll be surprised at what you get….maybe its Snoop Dog!?

The point is, you can do this! Choose to do it yourself. Ask for what you need. Sometimes you’ll get it. Sometimes you won’t. But you can always find a way to Do It Yourself!

Find Something That Has Magic In It For You

Star Wars VII


Star Wars has always been magical for me. Since I was a little boy in the 70’s when the original film made its debut, I’ve been captivated by the story, the characters, the special effects and The Dark Side…

Before a douchebag hacker hit my website, I had originally published a blog post by the same title. My point hasn’t changed but I thought I’d quasi-recreate the post with some new illustrative thoughts.

Used To Be

I used to be a hyperbaric wound care nurse. I find joy in helping people and the profession was very good to me. ‘Wound Care’, ‘Nursing’, isn’t for everyone. One does need to possess ‘the force’ and have special Jedi healing arts skills to practice the noble profession. Sadly, I saw people at their worst day in and day out. Over time, seeing people at their worst kind of gets to you. The compound effect can be traumatic. Seeing people suffer from very debilitating diseases, skin conditions, trauma, burns….it all adds up and I ultimately decided to retire from healthcare. The solace in it was knowing I was trying to help and provide care for those that needed it. The wins came when we saw wounds heal and pain subside.

Even The Best Fall Down, Sometimes…

One would only suspect they met their demise. As Jedi Masters Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi eventually met their fate, their spiritual selves became ever more powerful.

With the advent of the iPhone, I saw an opportunity to help countless people with emerging technology. I decided to leave practicing health care to start developing apps and realized pretty quickly that I could touch and help the lives of countless people with apps and technology in ways I never could inside a hyperbaric and wound clinic.

As the Emperor in Star Wars might have said, “I have for seen it….” might be an understatement. Fast forward only 7-8 years and almost everyone has a smartphone and the potential to reach them via mobile apps and technology has never been more possible than it is today. Its pretty close to magic as you can get.

Fulfill Your Destiny and Rule The Galaxy

The point of this blog post is somewhat of a call for introspection. Are you merely content with what you are doing? Is there something else you’d rather be doing that might fulfill your life?

Maybe its just me getting to those mid-life years. Being a husband to a wife and a father of three daughters, one begins to think over their life and question whether you’ve mattered in various aspects of life. As the saying goes; Life is short…

So what is your destiny? What matters to you? Who cares what others think?

Of course balance and responsibility matters and I’m not advocating being irresponsible in the least but there is always time for something that has magic in it for you. What is your ‘Force’?

As Anakin left his home planet of Tatooine to train as a Jedi, perhaps the decision to pursue what should be your destiny is in order. In need not be as dramatic as Anakin’s departure from his sandy planet whilst his Masters dueled a bad ass Sith with a double edged light-saber.

Maybe enrollment in your Jedi training is simply recognizing that there is something else you’d prefer to be doing and taking the Padawan-baby steps in that direction.

Your Magical Force

I’ll confess I’ve held back. I have experienced the Force and its very powerful indeed. It can be used for good and the Dark Side can be well, Dark! Remind me to talk about the imposter syndrome in a future post.

Leveraging and creating emerging technologies and digital properties like mobile apps, podcasts, membership sites that help deliver value through education, entertainment and communication fascinates and sustains me. Its magic for me.

For example, being able to host and record a podcast over Blab.Im, then repurpose and publish that podcast on my blog or via iTunes or some other podcast network that reaches an audience is amazing. The opportunity to do the same with apps which potentially can reach and benefit millions or hundreds of millions of people or more is a force….

Its what gives this Jedi his power. It’s an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us, it penetrates us and binds the galaxy together.

Finding something that has magic in it for you should be something everyone considers. Only you will know what that truly is. Then pursue it. I’m not talking about that fleeting to ‘just get some sleep’ because you are tired. What is it that really motivates you? Find it and do that!

Become a Jedi Master

Whatever ‘it’ is that you find magic in, become the master. Practice it in your lifestyle. That never ends.

For me, I’m creating new apps and new membership sites that people can leverage to learn how to build apps and businesses online that will help sustain them. So stay tuned for announcements on some cool things I’ll be releasing soon!

Don’t give in to the dark side as so many people already have. They merely exist in a life of ‘supposed to’ instead of following a life of fulfillment. I encourage you to find and follow your magic, whatever that may be.

May The Force Be With You!