Decision To Be Mobile



I’ve been absent.

Well not really. I’ve been noticeably absent from this Blog and ‘Social’ for a bit of time but I’ve been watching and observing. I guess you can say I’ve been testing and developing silently.

So, what is this decision you might ask?

It starts with my observations. It is clear to me that I spend an obnoxious amount of time on my mobile devices. The time that I am referring to is an inordinate amount that heavily outweighs the time I spend on my laptop. My observations also reach to my family, friends, clients and general observations of people in public.

This ‘time’ is spent both consuming and creating content as well as developing for mobile. Which brings me to my decision to move the majority of my blog posts and future blog posts to where they might be more easily consumed and discovered. That of course would be in a mobile app.

The benefits of doing so are glaringly apparent which I will share a bit more in depth in a following post (which, Ironically may be one of the lasts here on this blog) but I will share a few here for you to consider:

  • Having a mobile app that elegantly communicates information elegantly, quickly and where a greater majority of people are consuming content just makes sense
  • The ability to be discovered is infinitely easier with an app (don’t get me wrong, there is still work involved, but the ability to leverage traditional discovery methods and then provide value through the app converts better and is much easier)
  • The future of deep linking and mobile search is very promising…its already happening
  • Push Notifications (I’ve witnessed incredible strategies that yield impressive results and conversions that equal most email marketing campaigns…if not better)
  • Monetization…yep…monetiation. The ability to almost immediately have a monetization strategy out of the gate is unprecedented

Ok that it for now. I wrestled with this decision, but its pretty clear that I need to skate to where the puck is going to be…..and I hope you join me when I officially announce and publish. Its going to be a blast for sure and I have some really cool stuff planned!