Drew Griffin


Drew Griffin is Founder and App Developer at Podcasting Magazine, Author of Mobile App Formula: How to Develop Mobile Apps even if you are not a programmer, and a public speaker on topics related to emerging technologies.

Drew and his family reside in suburban Philadelphia PA.

While not developing apps, Drew voraciously consumes podcasts. He says that listening to podcasts is like having a portable University at your disposal…deliciousness on demand…and if you create and publish podcasts…a way to broadcast and touch the lives of countless people across the planet with your voice!

A former hyperbaric wound care specialist, Drew leveraged the emergence of mobile apps when the iOS SDK became available. Developing apps early on and seeing thousands and thousands of downloads of those apps convinced Drew that his time in the clinical setting would soon come to an end.

As a consultant, Drew helped individuals, businesses and organizations, leverage emerging technologies like mobile apps, webinars, membership web sites and other digital platforms to better connect with and serve their clients and customers.

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