Chris Winters on Intermittent Fasting

Chris Winters On Intermittent Fasting


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This video has hidden treasure in it. Yes its a bit long, but suck it up cupcake. Its worth watching and your life might depend on it.

Intermittent fasting isn’t new but I’ve taken notice to the benefits of incorporating into one’s lifestyle for a number of different reasons.

  • Intermittent fasting is sustainable (build up to about 18 hours fasting per day) 12AM-6PM
  • Exercising 3 times per week for 30 minutes is sustainable (working out on the 17th hour)(5PM)
  • Mental benefits (creates new neurons via intermittent fasting) (so cognitive benefits are a plus)
  • Strive for body to be in ketosis (helps decrease appetite (in a good way), decrease in visceral fat / weight loss, decrease in triglycerides, increase in HDL (good cholesterol), reduced blood glucose and decreased insulin resistance, reduction in blood pressure, improves metabolic syndrome, and many cognitive benefits

Chris Winters mentions in the video, a lot of traditional beliefs and what we’ve been taught about our diets and exercise will be challenged. For example; ‘eating three square meals per day‘, is one specific one that comes to mind. At first I questioned some of the principles around intermittent fasting but after doing a bit of research, the merits are quite clear.

As mentioned in my previous post, I’ve working towards fully incorporating intermittent fasting into my lifestyle. My journey, Fat Ass To Fit 2.0, is underway. It may not be easy, but I think the goal is attainable. I’m not suggesting or recommending intermittent fasting to anyone. Thats a decision that other’s should make but after doing some research, perhaps speaking with your physician about adopting intermittent fasting might be in order. If you haven’t already, please take some time for yourself and watch the video in this post. I think you’ll discover the information to be compelling and of value.

A New Independence

A New Independence


I’ve been quiet here on my blog for some time now. No excuse for that other than I’ve been busy shipping for clients. Thats a good thing and a bad thing as one might think.

A New Independence of sorts happened, serendipitously, on July 4th….

Some things have been happening behind the scenes and I’m excited to move forward with a bunch of new projects. Some of which I will announce now and some I will announce in the weeks to come.

Fat Ass To Fit 2.0

Firstly, I’ve teetered with this topic for some time and it has to do with my health. I’m a Fat Ass! And I’ve been procrastinating taking care of myself for some time. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know! I’ve tried a lot of different ‘things’. All of which I failed miserably with. Whether it was one program or another, they all seemed to be ok for ‘a while’. I think the best results I had was from Bill Phillips’ Body For Life. Despite the results I received, they didn’t last long. And that I believe is the key….for me at least!

That said, I’ve been studying a bit on the topic and I’ve armed myself with some knowledge that I think is sustainable for me.

You see recently, I’ve been observing someone who has achieved and sustained results that I’m looking to emulate. That someone is Chris Winters. I’ve listened to a presentation that he provided to a group of people about the results he’s achieved through Intermittent Fasting and an eating / exercise regimen that I believe is scientifically sound and sustainable. So much so that I’ve tested it over a short period of time and I have to say, I’m profoundly convinced of its merits! In additional I’ve done a ton of reading on the subject and the overall benefits of intermittent fasting that only seem to be more of a reason worthy of consideration. I’ll let you decide. Check out the presentation here:

And so, I’ve set out on another journey. It won’t be easy, but I think the destination is worth it!

Neato Media




I’ve realized now that many of the projects I was working on were just projects without ownership. I decided it was a good idea to create a holding company and agency that directed many of the projects. Neato Media will provide that umbrella over many of the products that are published either as its own assets, in partnership or on behalf of it’s clients.

The launch of Neato Media was a bit quiet. Thats ok. I’ve been busy with clients and helping launch their projects that include apps and membership sites. But now its time. Time to refocus and show how these projects can flourish by example.

That said, I’ll be relaunching a few projects soon and adding more in the near future. Some of which I will announce here:

  • GeoFilters Blueprint (How To Create, Publish and Profit from Snapchat GeoFilters)
  • Install Magazine (iOS and Android)
  • Podcasting Magazine (iOS and Android)
  • (Drew Griffin) My own Personal App  (iOS)
  • Philly Sports Mag (coming soon)
  • Directory App Blueprint (Learn To Develop, Publish and Profit with Directory Apps)

Refocused Independence

And so here I am. Restarting again? Thats ok. I think its ok to start again. Especially when your ship is off course. Refocusing can renew a sense of independence. And although this new independence has nothing to do with my Country’s history of Independence Day, it does have everything to do with it for me.

It represents a freedom that I choose to invoke. It represents a choice to shift and start anew on projects that matter to me and in some way, matter to others when those projects reach their potential.

For a while there, I was feeling like I couldn’t shift or start again because of the opinions of others or what my clients might think or say. But, as it were, that was just not true. And as I’ve come to realize, it truly is awesome to choose and enjoy independence.

If I could leave you with just one bit of advice I would say, don’t wait to make the decision to ‘go for it’, whatever ‘it’ may be. If something is holding you back, make your decision to just go get it!

If you need high-converting copywriting this works like crazy



I just stumbled across a software tool that is going to help those needing copywriting (me) in a big way!

Just for a moment, I want you to imagine this scenario.

What if you had the ability to write (money-making/high-converting) sales copy for any product or service you wanted to sell?

What if you could do this without ever even writing a single word of copy yourself or without having to outsource it?

Even better, what if you get (money-making/high-converting) copy to be generated automatically for you with just a push of a button?

Well, I recently became aware of a software tool that does just that! Its called Script Engage!

This brand new software allows you to generate high-converting sales scripts that are customizable to fit any product or service you want to sell.

You never have to spend countless hours studying insanely complicated (and boring) copywriting formulas…

…or spend several days, weeks or even months trying to write copy that may or may not produce any sales.

With just a few clicks of a button, you can experience the power of expensive copy at a fraction of the cost.

The best part is these aren’t just your run of the mill scripts.

Here are just some of the Scripts you’ll find inside:

Sales Letter…and…Sales Pages that position your products the right way so you can double, triple or even quadruple your sales. (Note: If that sounds too salesy, you can also put maximize your chance to sell to every customer who views your offer.)

One-Time Offer Scripts. Research shows that people who buy from you once are 8 times more likely to buy from you again. Which is why this software makes sure you take full advantage of this opportunity to increase your sales.

And that’s just the beginning.There’s also:

  • Facebook Ad Scripts
  • Webinar Scripts
  • Thank You Page Script
  • Product Launch Scripts
  • And much, much more!

So if you want to have the ability to attract laser targeted leads, turn those potential customers into paying customers…and…turn paying customers into repeat customers with high-converting “done-for-you” copywriting scripts…

Check out this link below. I put together a little demo that explains how the software works. Personally, its helping me generate my copy fast and a substantial discount. It literally helps me get started with minimal effort.

Anyway, I hope this brings some value to those of you needing to generate copy for your online properties, emails, webinars and websites.

Check it out here.