Get Down On It

Get Down On It

Get Down On It


Came across this gem that really kind of spells it out for those who wanna get shit done…er…’Get Down On It’!

Its a profound question that Kool asks. “Do you really want it?”.

I really love the simplicity of the message and the explanation thereafter. It really boils down to e few simple steps and a solution to whatever your answer is to the original question…problem…well you know what I’m getting at here.

Do you really want it?

  • Are you standing on the wall? Yes? >>> Get Down On It!
  • Are you standing on the wall?  No? >>> Get Down On It!

Either way you look at it, ultimately if you really want it (whatever it is)…you must…Get Down On It! Get to work, do the work that matters, and get it done!




And so we begin…again

Star Wars: A New Hope

Star Wars: A New Hope


Its good to be back.

For those of you who may have noticed, my site was down for quite some time due to some nefariousness. (Rebel Scum!)

Yep! Lost everything! But, the good thing is, despite losing everything and experiencing this setback, I was forced to FOCUS on a few things which is what I’ve been doing in the meantime. I’ve been training. Just like Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, I had to search my feelings and learn the ways of The Force!

With a sense of renewal and perspective on things, I’m ready to begin…again. Although I never really left, I decided to consolidate some projects and take the advice of Jedi Master John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire and F.O.C.U.S.!!!

F.O.C.U.S. is an acronym for Follow One Course Until Success. Its what John often tells many of his listeners who struggle with bright shiny objects and thats what I’ve decided to do. There were way too many ‘weapons of mass distraction’ out there preventing me from creating and publishing, leveraging emerging technologies and pursuing new possibilities! (See how easy it is to slip back into that?).

I decided to start again….and with that decision I had to make some difficult choices with what was going to receive my attention. I have some priorities that need to be addressed and one of them was not protecting myself from a multitude of people and situations that took advantage of me.

I’m stronger now…like my Father before me…. (lol)…

So enough of this rant.

Thanks for dropping by! I’m looking forward to sharing my perspectives on all the deliciousness out there and some exciting new projects I have been working on and will be working on soon! I’m excited to rebuild this site with more FOCUS and purpose. I hope you find some value here!

See you next time!